Do you ship outside of the United States?

  • We currently only ship to the U.S. and Canada.

What size is the smallest/largest?

  • Our brush sizes from smallest to largest: C, S, A, B, D, E.
What’s the difference between Silverline and Goldline brushes?
  • Goldline brushes have a plastic coated stem wire and are designed to protect implants and sensitive teeth. Silverline brushes have two larger sizes (D and E) for large gaps or missing teeth.
What are the dimensions for each brush?
  • Size:
    • C - 2.75” long • 1/8” brush diameter
    • S - 3.0” long • 3/32 to 3/16” brush diameter
    • A - 3.25” long • 1/8 to 1/4” brush diameter
    • B - 3.35” long • 3/16 to 5/16” brush diameter
    • D - 3.5” long • 1/4 to 3/8” brush diameter
    • E - 3.75” long • 7/16 to 5/8” brush diameter
How long does one DePlaque interproximal brush last? When should I replace my brush with a new one?
  • Depending on frequency and the size of space in which it’s being used, anywhere from two weeks to one month! Use in tight spaces causes the bristles to wear quicker. Replace as soon as the bristles seem to be worn out.
How long should I be brushing each space?
  • Use the brush in and out of each area only a few times. When using Silverline brushes, be careful not to rub the handle against the tooth surface. Excessive use can cause gum recession.
Can I use interproximal brushes with toothpaste or mouthwash?
  • Toothpaste is often too abrasive for the tooth surface, especially if there is recession and the roots are exposed. A brush dipped in mouthwash works well!

My Precision Brush Handle keeps getting stuck on a brush! Any advice?

  • We recommend putting a little vegetable oil on the threads the first time you unscrew them, as well as periodically as you use the handle, so it’s hopefully easier to consistently unscrew. Also, make sure only water is used with the handle.

What if the smallest brush size [size C] is still too large for the space between my teeth?

  • You can try using FLIX or floss!
How do I clean my interproximal brushes?
  • Clean by rinsing well with mouthwash and/or water.
I ordered the wrong size by mistake- can you edit my order? I can’t remember what size I ordered last- can you tell me?

Do you keep credit cards on file?

  • No, we do not keep any credit cards on file for your safety. You will have to re-enter or repeat it for each order.
Why can’t patients order 100 packs?
  • Our 100 packs are discounted for dentists and medical offices, because they give out samples and recommend our brushes to their patients.
My dentist recommended I make the switch from GUM Proxabrush Go-Betweens Cleaners®, what size should I order?
  • If you normally purchase…
    • Wide (Blue) brushes: A [larger size B might also work]
    • Moderate (Pink) brushes: S [larger size A might also work]
    • Tight (Green) brushes: S [smaller size C might also work]
    • Ultra Tight (Yellow) brushes: C
    • Micro Tight (Purple) brushes: C
What else can I use interproximal brushes for?
  • They’re really great for cleaning small spaces- water bottle straws, computer keyboards, etc. You can also use them for crafts and beauty products like mascara!