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About Us

Our Mission:

Whether you’re a dentist or patient, you know the importance of trust when it comes to teeth. That’s why DePlaque brushes and Guide Right™ components have been made with quality in mind for over 35 years. Our goal is to strengthen the dentist and patient relationship, so you can both feel confident in your smile’s care.

Our Story:

In 1986, interproximal brushes were relatively new, rarely recommended, and had minimal size options available. Hoping for a better, more sustainable way to help his patients, Dr. Sean Meitner developed an accessible solution: a reusable brush with 6 size options. With inclusive sizing, his periodontal patients with interdental spaces, missing teeth, and implant supported teeth were all able to access the benefits of soft tissue management.

Dr. Meitner’s goal to improve his patients' care continued in 2000 with the Guide Right™ system. He believed there had to be a way to make implant placement more accurate. With a visit to the hardware store and some trial and error, he developed the Guide Right™ system. Designed with innovation and dentist ease in mind, the Universal Precision Implant System has revolutionized implant accuracy.

What is Guide Right™?

Guide Right™ is a doctor-developed, prosthetically generated, precision implant template planning, and correction system that can be made and corrected in the office or by a lab. The Diagnostic Guide enables dental professionals to communicate the desired position of an implant placement by using radiopaque stainless steel Guide Sleeves to locate the exact position of the implant. Guide Sleeves are captured in a light cured resin gel on a plaster cast and indexed to the patient's adjacent teeth.

The Guide Right™ technique requires a diagnostic wax-up or set up to determine the planned position and angles of the osteotomy sites. The diagnostic guide is placed in the patient and radiographs are taken to determine if the path of insertion or osteotomy is in conflict with the adjacent teeth, alveolar bone, or other anatomic structures. If a conflict exists, corrections are made by altering the angular or linear position of the Guide Sleeve using angle or offset Guide Posts and fabricating the Surgical Guide. The angle of the Guide Sleeve is altered by bending the Guide Post to correct the position of the final surgical guide. 3D X-rays are analyzed to determine the correction.

Guide Right™ is a trademark of DePlaque, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 

US Patent Numbers; 5,556,278 / 7,845,943 B2 / 8,434,337


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