Ostetomy Drill Set With 4.4mm Depth Stops

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Set Includes:

· 1 - 4.4 mm  Flattening Drill for 4.5 mm guide sleeves and Initiating a Crestal Sinus Elevation: 4.4 mm OD x 10 mm L - overall L 24 mm - Start in reverse

25 - 2° Tapered drills (mm):

2.2 x 6L, 2.2 x 8L, 2.2 x 10L, 2.2 x 11.5L, 2.2 x 13L,
2.7 x 6L, 2.7 x 8L, 2.7 x 10L, 2.7 x 11.5L, 2.7 x 13L
3.2 x 6L, 3.2 x 8L, 3.2 x 10L, 3.2 x 11.5L, 3.2 x 13L
3.7 x 6L, 3.7 x 8L, 3.7 x 10L, 3.7 x 11.5L, 3.7 x 13L
4.1 x 6L 4.1 x 8L, 4.1 x10L, 4.1 x 11.5L, 4.1 x 13L

Stainless Steel Container 

Purpose: Designed to be used with 4.4 mm -4.5 mm guide sleeves to prepare osteotomies for guided surgery.

Drill Sequence: Always start with the Pilot Drill (3.9mm X 6.0mm L) followed by increasing drill lengths to the final drill size for the site. The Pilot drill is recommended for starting an osteotomy on a knife-edge alveolar ridge to prevent the drill from slipping off the ridge by flattening the top surface-edge of the ridge (included in the drill set).

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