2-Piece Guide Post - 5.0mm Offset Lower Part

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Advantages, Protocol, and Purpose: 2-Piece Guide Post Reference Sheets

Offsets are designed for linear corrections that reposition the implant.


  • Lower Shaft: 3/32in x 10.0mm L OD
    • 8 flat sides, octagonal
  • Platform: 5.0mm sq. x 1.0mm thick
    • 4 flat sides, rectangular
    • represents the mesial, distal, buccal, and lingual surfaces of the tooth to assist in making linear corrections to the surgical guide
  • Upper Shaft: 1/16in x 5.0mm L OD
    • extends up from platform
  • Offset from Lower Shaft: 5.0mm
  • Bending Point: 1.0mm
    • between platform and lower shaft to accommodate bend for angle corrections
  • Guide Post Total Length: 17mm
SKU: C20250