Serial Guide Sleeve Insert - 3.25mm Insert for 4.5mm Guide Sleeve

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2435 - SGSI 3.25mm insert for 4.5mm serial guide sleeve

1. Insert the Fabrication Insert (2405 - 4.5 FABIN) into the Guide Sleeve.

2. Place the Fabrication Insert with the nested 4.5 mm guide sleeve over the 3.0 mm Guide Post already in the cast. The Fabrication Insert will keep the acrylic gel out of the guide sleeve while building your surgical guide.

3. When you build up the template be sure the sleeve-cleats are on the lingual/palatal side and are firmly embedded in the acrylic

4. The Guide Sleeve Inserts should be firmly pressed down for the press fit design to keep inserts from spinning while drilling the osteotomy. The surgeon (or assistant) will need to use the Insert Removal Tool (4040-IRT) to release the insert before placing the next larger size insert in a multi drill sequence.

Optional paired components: 

2405 - 4.5 Fabin

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