Osteotomy Drill Set with 5.0 mm Depth Stops

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Recommended for 4.9mm OD 

Set Includes:

Stainless Steel Container -   3⅝ ” X 4¼” X 2¾”

 1 - 5.0mm Flattening Drill used with 5.0mm guide sleeve (tight)

Flattening Drills are designed to flatten the alveolar ridge when a pointed alveolar crest would deflect the initial drill off to one side or the other, buccal or lingual.     

Once the angled bone is flattened a round bur can be used to start the osteotomy without deflection.   

 4 - Drills for Initiating a Crestal Sinus Elevation:

Included in Osteotomy Drill Set 3.9mm only.

Optional in Osteotomy Drill 4.4 and 5.0 mm Drill Sets

 5mm Shaft                                                                       

2.5mm OD x 2mm L

2.5mm OD x 3mm L

2.5mm OD x 4mm L

2.5mm OD x 5mm L


Drilling Protocol: The Drills for Initiating a Crestal Sinus Elevation are to be used to initiate the sinus elevation without perforating the sinus membrane.

Drilling Sequence

  • From the cone beam X-ray evaluation estimate the thickness of the bone below the sinus.
  • Start with the 2 mm drill through the guide sleeve. If the 2 mm drill does not perforate the bone floor of the sinus when checking with the periodontal probe, continue to use the next drill length up (3 mm to 5 mm drill tip lengths) checking after each drill length to see if it perforates the crestal floor of the sinus with the periodontal probe.
  • When the floor of the sinus is perforated switch to versa drills used in reverse to elevate the sinus membrane.
  • The Versa drills are used to widen the opening from 2.5mm in order to place graft material.

  Pilot Drill

            Tri-spade vertical length to tip: 5mm / stop shaft: 4.4mm OD

            The Pilot Drill is a tri-spade designed to initiate the osteotomy through the dense cortical bone.   Recommendation: use Flattening Drill prior to the Pilot Drill.

            Caution: When the Pilot Drill becomes dull it should be replaced to prevent sequential depth stop drills from becoming dull. *Also sold separately

 5.0mm Depth Stop Drills - 2°Tapered

 25- 4.4mm Depth Stop Drills - 2°Tapered

 Drilling Protocol: The 5.0mm Depth Stop Drills are designed to be used with stereolithographic printed guides.

Always start with the smallest drill (1.5 - 2.2mm OD X 6mm L) followed by increasing drill lengths to the final drill size for the osteotomy site: 1.5-2.2mm OD x 6mm L  → 2.0-2.9mm OD x 6mm L → 2.7-3.6mm OD x 6mm L  → 3.4-4.3mm OD x 6mm L

Drill Sequence: (5.0 mm)

Example: Drill sequence for up to 4.5mm diameter implant depending on the density of the bone. 2.2 mm X 6 mm drill →  by 2.2 mm X 8 mm drill  → by 2.2 X 10 mm drill.

  • ASTRA implant sizes: 3.6, 4.2
  • STAUMANN implant sizes: 9,  3.3,  4.1
  • Once the desired depth (10 mm) is reached start increasing the next larger drill diameter which is 2.8 x 10 mm
  • followed by the 3.3 X 10mm
  • complete drilling with the drill from the implant manufacturer’s kit or place the 4.5 x 10 mm implant.
  • If the manufacture’s largest drill is smaller than the 3.3 mm drill - use it and omit the use of the 3.3 mm drill and use the manufactures drill.
  • All of the drills can be used through the guide sleeve.

               ***Users of DePlaque Inc. drills have the responsibility to determine whether the diameter and length of these products are suitable for the particular surgical procedure.

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