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Studying in Korea should bring anything? When deciding to study in Korea, you will have a new life in the land of kimchi. Away from the family, international students have to take care of their own activities. So what should I bring to study in Korea? Hanbee Vietnam Korean Language Center with many years of experience in the field of overseas study counseling will bring you the following useful information: Types of luggage to prepare when studying Korea 1. Types of documents to take away This is the most important luggage for Korean students. These documents help you prove your identity and purpose when you arrive in Korea, thereby facilitating entry into this country. In addition to the documents you sent, you should prepare an extra document to keep with you, including the following documents: Introducing letter Scholarship certification Card photo Birth certificate Transcript Visa and passport Certified diploma of Korean Embassy in Vietnam Types of qualifications Financial proof Health Certification The above documents must be translated into English or Korean, the notarized copy. Many more careful people also scan all those documents and save them to a file for when needed. This is the most important preparation step. However, you should not be too worried because usually hanbee study abroad services will provide you with information and guide you through the procedures very thoughtful. 2. Medicines needed for you Medicines to bring when studying Korea When coming to Korea, you have to live in a completely new environment so your health is more or less affected by not being able to adapt. Because of changing weather, you are more likely to get sick, flu or intestinal problems because you are not used to hot Korean food. Therefore, it is necessary to bring some common medicines such as: Effervescent panadol tablets have a fever-reducing effect Wind oil Stomach drug Cold medicines Liniment Bronchial medicine (cold) Neuropathic medicine (headache) Some high and medium dose antibiotics In addition to the packaging of each medication, you need to specify the usage and dosage for use. 3. Clothes Clothing is an indispensable item when starting a new life in Korea. South Korea is a country with 4 distinct seasons climate: Spring, summer, autumn and winter. So you have to bring enough clothes of 4 seasons. In addition, the learning environment in Korea pays great attention to extracurricular activities and sports so bring clothes suitable for these activities. But you need to calculate carefully to bring enough quantities to use, neither too short nor too bulky luggage. You can refer to how to prepare the following costumes: Long-sleeved shirts and sleeveless shirts are usually only used for conferences or important occasions, so you only need to bring 1-2 pieces is enough. Koreans prefer to wear jeans or shorts with a T-shirt so you can bring a little more. You can prepare 5 to 6 T-shirts with many styles to suit both school and play. Underwear: You should bring about 10 to use and change. Socks: About 10 pairs of all kinds of thin and thick. Sports clothes: About 2-3 sets are fine. Thick coats: About 2 to wear in the winter There are about 3 sweaters and 2 collars, worn in the fall and winter Khaki or jeans pants about 3, suitable for school and picnic. Shoes: about 2 pairs of shoes should be selected, including one pair of leather, one pair of sports or both, as students often prefer this type of shoe. Sandals: In addition to shoes, you also need to bring a pair of sandals with school strap to change. Nightwear: 2 to 3 sets Gloves, wool hat, wool scarf for winter in Korea The amount of clothes depends on your individual needs, but you need to calculate a sufficient amount because luggage is limited and you need to use to store many other things, not just clothes. 4. Personal belongings When you first come to Korea, you will be unfamiliar with the way of buying and selling goods in this country plus the expensive cost that leads to difficulties in shopping. Therefore, you should buy personal items in Vietnam before coming to Korea. Here are the basic personal items you need to bring to take care of yourself: Face towels: About 4 to 5 pcs Toothbrushes: About 5 pcs Toothpaste: 2 tubes Comb Cut the nail Clothes hangers: About 10 hooks Mirror Kim only Umbrella Drinking glasses Shower gel Shampoo The above items are basic enough to cater for the students themselves. If you have extra luggage, you can, bring along some personal needs you deem necessary for you. 5. Backup food Bring extra food when you come to Korea One of the problems that international students need time to adjust to is food. Korean dishes are often spicy and hot, so you probably will not eat anything during the first time here. Therefore, please take the initiative to bring some types of backup food used in the familiarization with Korean cuisine. You can bring: Tìm hiểu thêm : học tiếng hàn tại đà nẵng uy tín và chất lượng

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