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Bending Tool

    Bending Tool

    Bending Tool

    The Bending Tool is used to bend the guide post in all directions. It is calibrated in 10 increments. The guide post is placed in the bending tool and can easily be bent with the bending stylus. A surgical guide using the Guide Right ™ Surgical Components can be fabricated and evaluated with a periapical or 3-D X-ray prior to surgery. The difference in the actual angle of the guide sleeve and the desired angle of the guide sleeve can be determined by laying the Guide Right Protractor over an X-Ray or by measuring the angle with the cone beam software (ie. Invivo5). The correction of the angle can then be made by bending the guide post in the bending tool and remaking the guide to be used in the surgical procedure. If the direction of the guide post is corrected but the bodily alignment is off, an offset guide post can be used. See Offset Guide Posts. Guide posts whether straight or offset are designed with 4 flat surfaces on the lower half of the guide post to secure positioning while the bend is being made and to assure accuracy to the prescribed corrected angle. There are two Bending Stylus sizes included to be used with the bending tool a 1.6 mm and 3.0 mm. Using the Bending Tool to bend the guide posts accurately alters the angle of the guide sleeve. This is based on the angle determined by the 3-D scan image. If the angles need to be changed, a new guide needs to be made with the corrected guide posts.


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