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2-Piece Guide Post

The 2-PIECE GUIDE POST DESIGN is comprised of 2 compatible removable pieces: the Lower Piece and the Upper Piece which can be removed one from the other.USE Angular Corrections: The lower piece of the 2-piece guide post can be bent to adjust the angle using the Guide Right™ Bending Tool for angular corrections by bending the 1/16 inch shaft to the desired degree. After the bend is made an upper part is chosen by the diameter needed to register a guide sleeve upper piece is placed over the 1/16” od shaft for the fabrication of the surgical guide. Linear Corrections with Offsets: The lower piece of the 2-piece guide post is available with various size offsets and are designed for linear corrections that reposition the implant in either bucco-linqual or mesio-distal plane or may not need to be corrected in either plane indicated by the evaluation of the 3D X-ray. Accommodates Corrected Surgical Guide Removal: The use of a 2-piece guide sleeve is designed to facilitate the fabrication and removal of surgical guides made with cylindrical guide sleeves even when the 3-D planned implant sites are not parallel. When the upper piece of the guide sleeve is removed to accommodate the removal of divergent angled guide sleeves up to 30 degrees. Use with all stainless 3 mm cylindrical guide sleeves: The 3 mm 2-piece guide post can be used with any of the original Guide Right 3 mm cylindrical guide sleeves. Advantage of the 2-Piece Guide Post: Multiple diameter 2-piece guide sleeves can be used by changing the coordinating diameter of the upper piece of the guide post which are available in sizes including 2.7, 3.0, 3.9, 4.5, 4.8 & 5.5mm (slightly smaller od than the guide sleeve id) to fit the keys made for many of the implant manufactures including Materialize keys.

    2-Piece Guide Post

    2-Piece Guide Post

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